AC/DC Songtext: Hold Me Back

I gotta big fat cadillac built for you
I gotta honk that will blow the avenue
gotta hot dog kickin‘ all bend my thing
gotta a sugar looking woman with a bald headed man
give me five here boy, that’s what I’ll do
gotta big fat mama who can hold a tune
gotta slip that bone in hard and mean
gotta honkey tonk women get the best of me

can’t hold me back
you can’t hold me back
can’t hold me back
get a heart attack
you can’t hold me back

a honky tonk big ball, hit to thrill
I gotta sugar boot money baby that’ll kill
a honky dog 15 golden mile
I gotta bald headed woman loaded in the town
well you can get me to the ball man, driving in
you don’t balk the kill, call in the ‚ville
you gotta map the wrong town, gonna hit the road
you got the whole boppa movin‘ on down the road

can’t hold me back
you can’t hold me back
you can’t hold me back
you get a heart attack
You can’t hold me back.

Aus dem AC/DC Album Stiff Upper Lip

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