AC/DC Songtext: Satellite Blues

She makes the place a jumpin
the way she move around
she like a rump and rollin
that’s when she get it out
and when she start a rockin
she bring me to the boil
she like to give it out some

Satellite blues
new satellite blues

a picture clear for watchin‘
the dish is runnin‘ hot
the box is set for pumpin‘
she gonna take the lot
the way she get the butt in
she’s gettin‘ set to ball
I like to chew it up some

Satellite blues
new satellite blues

can’t get nothin‘ on the dial
the frigin‘ thing gone wild
all I get’s the dumbed down news
new satellite blues

Satellite blues
new satellite blues

This thing’s nothin but a load of crap
I’m gonna send it right back
you can stick it where it hurts, Mac

Aus dem AC/DC Album Stiff Upper Lip

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